• Dr. Akshay Gaur PGDYS, MA YOGA, Phd. in Yoga
    Mr. Manoj Raturi MSC Yoga
    Mrs. Radha Garg PGDYS., MA Yoga



Yoga is an ancient indialn therapy which originated thousands years ago. Yoga is one among six systems of indian philosophy. Our great saints & saga were its founders, Yoga is a simple way to combination of individual soul to supreme soul. 'Yoga is also helpful to imporve physical, mental, social & Spritual health due to this reasons today every person like to do yoga for their betterment.

Yoga is come from sanskrit word "yoke", Its meaning a combined, Added Etc.In Yoga its combination of individual sprit with the universal sprit of God. But in normal way combined our mind with our body. Its mean live in present By this way yoga improve our concentration power and we improve our work capacity.

In Uttaranchal Hospital Yoga Department is Established in 2005, In Hospital Yoga Classes running in every morning for general public and patients. Our Yoga Experts provide therapeutic  yoga According to Diseases.


We have Numbers of Degree and Diploma Courses in Yoga

M.A. in Yoga (Yogacharya) 2 Years 40% Graduation
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