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About Department of Shalya Tantra/ Surgery:

Shalya Tantra or Surgery has a very elaborate and exquisite detailed history in Ayurveda and has rightly been accorded as one of the most important branch of Ayurveda.

Surgery in Ayurveda yields quick and effective results whilst having minimal adverse effects.

Overview of Therapies Offered:

At Uttaranchal Hospital we offer specialised treatments under the direct observation of our Ayurvedic Specialist Surgeons for various conditions as follows:

Kshara Karma and Kshara Sutra Therapy

This implies the use of plant derived Caustic agents for complete cure. For the management of Piles (internal and external),


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Large moles

Raktamokshana/ Jalaukavacharana

Leech Therapy and bloodletting done according to the detailed procedure as explained in Ancient Texts while keeping in view the recent advancements.
For the treatment of Varicose veins and other disorders of arteries and veins.

Acne and various other Skin disorders.

Agnikarma Therapy

The use of heat/cautery for re-establishing the equilibrium in the body for better relief. For the management of Warts, Corn, Callosities, Osteoarthritis, Spur, Backache, etc.

Oral Medications

Oral Medications for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia,
Kidney Stones and other Urinary Stones.

Wound Management

Wound Management by the use of various medicated oils and plasters providing early and good cosmetic results
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